ANTIPOLO CITY, PHILIPPINES - "Hold us, Lord!" The Black Nazarene has been one of the popular icons of the Catholic religion in the Philippines. These Catholics believe that even by touching this replica of the Black Nazarene found in the Antipolo Cathedral, they will have that same miracles that thought to be brought by the image from Acapulco, Mexico, will also be brought to their lives. (Noel Sales Barcelona)

Filipinos, in the whole, are religious people. Whenever they have problems, they would just say, “Bahala na!” – a word that either affirms or denies his or her complete submission to God.

The Philippines is often hailed as “The Light of Asia,” for being the only Christian nation in Asia. More than 90 per cent of its population claims that they are Christians, and the rest – either they are Muslims, Buddhists or members of the folk religions belonging to the national minorities of this land.

However, a retired Catholic archbishop once said, though that we are called as a Christian nation, there remains the fact that the Philippines has become popular because of has become a breeding ground for crooks and criminals in the government, leaving the majority of its people impoverished.

But that faith of the Filipino people in God remains. Though, some say, the Filipino people must also learn how to trust himself – and that faith must not only remain an abstract idea but make it materialize by transforming it into deeds. Only then, that this nation of faithful will be, in words and deeds, a real nation of God.


About Noel Barcelona
A journalist, art and social critic, poet, fiction writer, and essayist from Malabon City - the city of floods, rich history, old churches, good food, and fond memories. He and his family is now moving in the City of Antipolo, the very heart of the province of Rizal. A town where culture, religion, and politics meet.

One Response to pananampalataya

  1. Diana says:

    I like this picture you took of the Black Nazarene. Very touching.

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